Hope Grows Here

For most of us, getting new jeans is fun, but not life-changing. For a mother in poverty, having new jeans for her children reduces her stress level, stretches her budget, and boosts her children’s self-esteem. Respectable clothing changes lives. The need is as fundamental as shelter and food.

  • For the child in school, decent clothing can prevent bullying and ridicule. Wearing the right kind of shoes means the child can participate in physical education and after-school sports. When they go back to school, they will wear new clothes like everyone else.
  • For the man re-entering the work force, professional wear can take the stress out of interviewing and give him the confidence he needs to perform well.
  • For the man or woman looking for work, steel-toed work boots open the door to job opportunities that would otherwise be missed.
  • For the family recently evicted, clothes & linens give hope and a fresh start.
  • For the homeless, fresh clothes are a welcome relief. Our free laundry service means they will look and feel clean and acceptable. The lockers will protect their precious photos and documents. The mail boxes give them an address.
  • For the family struggling to make ends meet, getting free clothing means they can get the car fixed or pay an overdue bill.
  • For the mother who has nothing left after the bills are paid, a visit to Clothes Cabin means there will be a gift for their child’s birthday or for Christmas.
The impact your gift will have on the community is far-reaching. At Clothes Cabin, problems are solved for people who are in crisis or need. Hope grows here.
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For ten years One Small Step, Inc. has operated Clothes Cabin to benefit families in poverty or emergency. We provide the clothing they need to live normal, independent, and productive lives. Over time, the mission has expanded to cover other unmet material needs: household linens, steel-toed work boots, and storage lockers and laundry services for the homeless. We partner with other charities, both local and international, to distribute our surplus, expanding our reach to thousands of families we don’t see. The rapid growth in services, clients, and partners has required increasingly larger spaces, from a mobile classroom at the outset to a small storefront and then a larger storefront where the organization currently operates. We want our next home to be permanent, grounding us securely to meet the current and future needs of our client families. A larger facility will allow our mission, services, partnerships, and positive influence to meet the growing needs of the region.